The Parade

The Bianca Notte Barocca is an event arranged every year by the Ente Giostra Quintana of Foligno and by Segni Barocchi Festival (Festival of Baroque Signs), the interdisciplinary event aiming at celebrating baroque and neobaroque arts in detail. The Bianca Notte Barocca is a fusion of art, knowledge and entertainment showing the town of Foligno in all its splendour. Some concerts take place in the historical buildings while extraordinary performances portraying baroque arts are shown in the squares by dancers, living statues, musicians and acrobats. This Festival is held in September, the night before the first Sunday included in the Giostra, in an enchanting atmosphere. During the Notte Bianca the taverns in the quarters of the Giostra della Quintana welcome the patrons till late at night, offering them their typical food and amusing them with games, shows and music. The shops, the restaurants and the museums are open for the event during the night.