The Ente Giostra marketing office was founded in 2011 to study, research, share, analyze and apply all the strategies to promote the Quintana brand.
A new communication path begins, starting with the creation of the new Quintana ‘Q’.
Change the image and the promotion campaign: today the supporters of the event have new channels of visibility.
In fact, the official Giostra magazine was born with new graphics and new contents; The Quintana Channel, a dedicated television channel, comes on the web with the website, the TV channel Quintana Channel and social media.
We create a tourism package dedicated to the event, we study the Quintana branded merchandising, start the media partnership with the most important newspapers in the region, and open the Quintana Point, the information point of the Giostra.
Every year new promotional events are studied to involve the public and supporters of the demonstration. Among the new features of the 2015 edition, the marketing department created customized baroque events and dinners for companies and tourist groups.