The Central Committee elections

Yesterday evening, Friday 18 January, elections were held for the renewal of the highest levels of the Ente Giostra della Quintana of Foligno. As is now customary, the Council of 100 was hosted by the National Army Selection and Recruitment Center.

The electoral operations were carried out, in the utmost regularity, under the supervision of the Electoral Commission of the Ente Giostra della Quintana presided by the lawyer. Sandro Ridolfi.

As per regulation, the first “call” of the electors concerned the election of the President and Vice President of the Ente Giostra. Domenico Metelli, candidate for the Presidency and Rita Barbetti, candidate for the Vice Presidency, have passed the quorum of 76 votes (half plus one of the 150 councilors entitled to vote) provided for by the by-laws in order to access the highest offices of Quintana.

96 preferences, 18 blank sheets and 8 nil sheets for the election of President Metelli, 113 preferences, 7 white cards and 2 nil sheets for Vice President Barbetti. 122 voters.

Subsequently, the members of the Council of 100 passed to the election of the 8 magistrates who, together with the President, the Vice President and the Representative of the Priors, will compose the Executive Committee of the Giostra della Quintana for the next 4 years.

The magistrates are: Marco Bosano with 68 preferences, Lucio Cacace with 102, Simone Capaldini with 98, Mauro Carboni with 102, Alessio Castellano with 95, Maurizio Metelli with 100, Arnaldo Radi with 93 and Luca Radi with 97.

At the end of the evening, with the approval of those present, the board of Auditors was chaired by Claudio di Cesare and composed by Paolo Arcangeli, Paolo Pisello, Fabio Castellani and Sandro Giabbecucci.

The next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23 when, at the Council Chamber of the City of Foligno at 18.30, will be held the Official Ceremony of establishment of the new Board of the Ente Giostra della Quintana.

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